Day 4, 5 and 6 Recap…

Well… The body has a funny way of telling us things.

Friday (Day 4) I was so excited to try Bikram Yoga – Turns out my body had other ideas. Maybe I have been over-doing it a little lately. Studying like a crazy women, working, etc, etc. Friday afternoon I hurt myself. This was clearly my body telling me to slow down. I am always go, go, go, and sometimes I definitely push myself beyond my limits sometimes. So I have spent the last few days resting. Which means no Bikram Yoga on Friday 😦

Even though I didn’t get to do Bikram, I still made sure that I ate well –
Day 4
Breakfast: Omelette with Bacon, mushroom and spinach.
Lunch: Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry
Dinner: Burrito Bowl with sweet potato chips.
I also had a very delicious banana, some cashew butter and an orange for an afternoon snack.

Day 5:
I did a good job on my back. I had to cancel work for today 😦 and I was definitely feeling very down about that, and it shows in the food choices that I made.
I don’t tend to eat a lot of gluten as it makes me feel bloated and sometimes can effect my PCOS symptoms.
Breakfast: 2 slices of sourdough with vegemite, avocado, and poached eggs (don’t knock the avocado and vegemite til you have tried it)
Lunch: 2 slices of sourdough with peanut butter (not the healthy kind, the kind that is packed full of sugar/salt and is absolutely delicious)
Dinner: We went to my mum’s house for dinner. My mum is one of those people that gets up every Saturday morning and goes to the local Farmer’s Market. There is a gentleman there that sells homemade pizzas. This is what I had for dinner 🙂

Day 6:
Breakfast: I woke up this morning, and was still bloated and feeling blergh from all the gluten that I had eaten yesterday. I had a glass of Lemon Water, and then had a coffee about an hour later.
Lunch: Roast Chicken salad – Perfect fresh lunch on this beautiful spring day.
Dinner: Roast Beef with Salad.
Today’s choices were a lot better.
I reflected on the happenings of Saturday and there is nothing I would change, I enjoyed my meals, and its not something that I do very ofter.

No meaningful exercise this weekend. Nerve pain, as I have learnt a few times this year is crippling. And its safe to say, that I would rather give birth then have nerve pain… This is going to effect any exercise that I have planned for the next week, so Im thinking some light walks in the afternoon/evening… Nothing to crazy!

Day 7 tomorrow, and I am hoping that I will wake up in slightly less pain.. Fingers crossed x


Day 3…

Well Day 3 was technically yesterday, but I didn’t get a lot of spare time yesterday to blog.

I took yesterday as a rest day. It’s safe to say that my body has taken a bit of a beating in terms of workouts this last couple of days.
Tonight though (day 4) I am going to go and try out Bikram Yoga (This should be interesting)…

Yesterday’s delicious food was…
Breakfast: Overnight Blueberry Oats – Pretty simple stuff. I use 1/2 a cup of Organic Rolled Oats, with 1/4 cup of almond milk, 1/4 cup full-fat greek yogurt, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, and a handful of frozen blueberries. Pop it all into a container, mix it up,, and leave it in the fridge overnight. Delish!

Lunch: I had left overs from dinner. I reheated the chicken and made a salad with some fresh lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, capsicum, feta and popped a little homemade mayo in as well.. Good to go!

Dinner: I have stumbled across some really quick and easy Jamie Oliver recipes. The husband loves the Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry, and to be honest I am happy to cook it and eat it*

*Please note that my views on food have changed a little. I am not fully paleo/primal, I eat wheat, and gluten, and dairy sometimes. It’s delicious! This recipe does contain Hokkein Noodles.. I love them, and I believe that eating things occasionally won’t hurt 😉

Stay tuned for the update about Bikram Yoga 🙂