Day 7 and 8…

Time for a recap…
The last couple of days have been hard. I had a pinched sciatic nerve, which pretty much rendered me useless. I have had a couple of rest days, and a massage (such a shame I couldn’t give myself the massage)…

Today (day 9) I am hoping to get back out into the garage and do something light, nothing crazy and get some intentional movement happening.

Day 7 – Food wise things have been going well. Changing habits that you have let back in is hard. But I am getting there.
Breakfast – Banana, blueberry smoothie, some bacon and a coffee.. ahhh bliss! I love smoothies, they are simple and easy to make, they aren’t time consuming and you can put a whole heaps of things into them and they are just delicious.

In my banana blueberry smoothie I put:
1 banana
1 handful of frozen blueberries
1/4 cup oats
1/4 cup full fat greek yogurt
Almond milk
Some Manuka honey
Lunch: I had a chicken salad.
Dinner: Steak with salad and homemade chips..

Why does eating healthy have to be hard? Why does it have to be boring? Oh wait, it isn’t 😉

Day 8 –
For the last couple of months I have been getting a Goodness Me Box ( This month there is a variety of things to try. One thing that I was pretty eager to try was the Henry Jones & Co. Fruit & Chia Seed. The one in the box was Raspberry and Chia seed. It tastes amazing!

Breakfast: I made some simple Vanilla Overnight Oats and added 2 teaspoons of the Raspberry and Chia – BEST.BREAKFAST!!!

Lunch: I renamed yesterday Comfort Food Tuesday – The weather here, in Canberra was disgusting. It rained all day. Work was particularly tough (thats another story, for another time) so I made my Nana’s recipe, Tuna Casserole. It’s an all time favourite of mine. I had it with pasta and it was glorious!

Dinner: I continued the Comfort Food Tuesday theme, and had the left over bit of Tuna Casserole.

Exciting things are happening. I am studying away, and have set up a Facebook page for my Massage Clients and availability. Eventually the page will change with all the other studying I am doing, but its just so exciting I had to share.

Happy Hump Day 🙂


Day 4, 5 and 6 Recap…

Well… The body has a funny way of telling us things.

Friday (Day 4) I was so excited to try Bikram Yoga – Turns out my body had other ideas. Maybe I have been over-doing it a little lately. Studying like a crazy women, working, etc, etc. Friday afternoon I hurt myself. This was clearly my body telling me to slow down. I am always go, go, go, and sometimes I definitely push myself beyond my limits sometimes. So I have spent the last few days resting. Which means no Bikram Yoga on Friday 😦

Even though I didn’t get to do Bikram, I still made sure that I ate well –
Day 4
Breakfast: Omelette with Bacon, mushroom and spinach.
Lunch: Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry
Dinner: Burrito Bowl with sweet potato chips.
I also had a very delicious banana, some cashew butter and an orange for an afternoon snack.

Day 5:
I did a good job on my back. I had to cancel work for today 😦 and I was definitely feeling very down about that, and it shows in the food choices that I made.
I don’t tend to eat a lot of gluten as it makes me feel bloated and sometimes can effect my PCOS symptoms.
Breakfast: 2 slices of sourdough with vegemite, avocado, and poached eggs (don’t knock the avocado and vegemite til you have tried it)
Lunch: 2 slices of sourdough with peanut butter (not the healthy kind, the kind that is packed full of sugar/salt and is absolutely delicious)
Dinner: We went to my mum’s house for dinner. My mum is one of those people that gets up every Saturday morning and goes to the local Farmer’s Market. There is a gentleman there that sells homemade pizzas. This is what I had for dinner 🙂

Day 6:
Breakfast: I woke up this morning, and was still bloated and feeling blergh from all the gluten that I had eaten yesterday. I had a glass of Lemon Water, and then had a coffee about an hour later.
Lunch: Roast Chicken salad – Perfect fresh lunch on this beautiful spring day.
Dinner: Roast Beef with Salad.
Today’s choices were a lot better.
I reflected on the happenings of Saturday and there is nothing I would change, I enjoyed my meals, and its not something that I do very ofter.

No meaningful exercise this weekend. Nerve pain, as I have learnt a few times this year is crippling. And its safe to say, that I would rather give birth then have nerve pain… This is going to effect any exercise that I have planned for the next week, so Im thinking some light walks in the afternoon/evening… Nothing to crazy!

Day 7 tomorrow, and I am hoping that I will wake up in slightly less pain.. Fingers crossed x

The Gold’s Experiment… Day 1

Becoming a great personal trainer is my ultimate goal at the moment. To do that, I need to be versatile, I need to be able to do lots of different things so that I can relate to different clients, and peoples need. 

Cue experiment time. 

I get emailed LivingSocial deals everyday, most of them I just delete and get on with it. About a week ago I got an email with a deal to do a months trial at the local Gold’s Gym. While I LOVE CrossFit, I was feeling very out of love with it at the time. I don’t know weather it was the box I was training at, or my mood, or the coaching or what.. I just wasn’t in love, paired with some really gruelling WOD’s I felt like I was always tired, that I wasn’t making any progress. 

So I bought a trial. It was safe to say I was excited to try something new, apart from my tafe gym shifts, I have never been into a ‘normal’ gym (I guess you can’t really count the brief membership at Fernwood, because I didn’t really go). I went into Gold’s on Saturday – Fixed up my membership, met a few of the trainers and the owners, did a class and had a look around. I was really impressed. Everyone was lovely. 

This morning I did my own thing, listening to my own music, and getting shit done. I came home in a completely different mood. I’m just a beginner in this gym space, and it doesn’t even matter. It took my longer then I thought, because I didn’t know where all the equipment was, but I got there eventually. 

Tomorrow morning I am going to be doing a boxing class – Stay tuned 🙂

Think Of It Like You’re Climbing A Ladder…

You have to take one step at a time… its not like you are going to start at the bottom and automatically get right to the top. Its a long climb, a slow process, and at times it will be harder, and other times it will be easier. 



But no matter how hard it is, everything is achievable as long as you set your mind to it.


When I started CrossFit I had this elusive number in my head of what I wanted to achieve, I wanted to get to a certain weight, and I thought that at that certain weight I would be happy. But here’s the thing, weight loss slows down, sometimes it plateaus and that’s when I found I started to over analyse everything. I made the choice at that point to stop focusing on the number on the scale, yes to a female that number is a big thing. It is the number that a lot of females allow to define themselves. I didn’t want that, so I started planning goals, steps on the ladder that I thought I could work on that would get me closer to that goal weight.

It doesn’t matter how small the goal is that you set, just set something that you know you will be able to achieve… Some of mine were small, some were bigger… Be able to do box jump confidently. String together double unders. Lift heavier. Whatever it was I always tried to make it something that I would be able to achieve. Some goals take longer then others. (I am yet to complete my September goal – Handstands against a wall – I need a crash mat!)

You just have to remember that when the ladder gets harder to climb – It’s one step at a time. Setting small goals to help you achieve those steps is entirely up to you. I wouldn’t let someone tell me what I should be trying to achieve, because ultimately this is my ladder to climb, and my goals to achieve.

So here goes, these are some of my short term, long term, working on it goals…

– Weigh in at 65kg by the end of 2013 – Currently weight is 68.8.

– 10 Legit Push Ups

-10 Strict Pull Ups

– Triple digit Deadlift

-Handstands against a wall

-Be able to string together 5 Toes to Bar

– Pistol Squats

– Finish my Certificate III in Fitness, then start my Cert IV, then CrossFit Lvl 1 Coaching and any other course that is going to make me an awesome Personal Trainer…

It doesn’t matter how large or small they are… Just keep climbing, you will get there.

7 Questions…

The other day I found a post on Facebook from one of the numerous CrossFit pages that I follow and it had 7 questions that someone had answered about CrossFit. So I thought I would take those questions and answer them.

1. Why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit to help me achieve my weightless goals. After watching videos on Youtube about a guy named Gary Roberts and how he had had such a huge success with weight loss from CrossFit, I wanted to give it a go.

2. What changes have you seen since you start?

Since starting CrossFit in February my whole life has changed. I have lost a massive amount of weight, I have so much energy, I have found a love for fitness and health and now have the confidence to pursue that. I have seen not only my body change but my mental state change as well, I was extremely unhappy with the way that I looked before I started CrossFit, but now I am slowly learning to love myself.

3. Who/what is your inspiration to keep going back?

There are a few things that keep me going back. The first would probably be myself, my determination to get stronger and fitter. The second would be my family, I want to be able to do things with my family and not be too tired or feel uncomfortable. And thirdly the WODs keep me going back, just so I can push myself that little bit further.

4. What is your favourite WOD?

I love hero wods. I don’t have a specific favourite, I like the difficulty of them and that they are dedicated to fallen heroes. From a young age I have always been respectful of the people that fought to give myself and my family a free country, with age the respect has grown more. With my husband also a part of the military, there is just something about these wods that keeps you going.

5. What is your favourite thing about your CrossFit Box?

Favourite thing about my CrossFit box is having the encouragement from all my coaches to push myself. 

6. What are your long term goals?

I wouldn’t say that I had any long term CrossFit goals, other then to keep getting better. My main goal at the moment is to finish my Fitness and Nutrition course and become an awesome Personal Trainer.

7. What advice would you give someone just starting, or questioning weather to start?

Give it a go. And give it a proper go. Don’t go to just one session, and don’t let scaling movements hold you back.