It all started with one simple meal…

When I decided to do Live Below the Line, I knew it was going to be hard, I just didn’t realise how hard it was going to be.

Sunday night, I spent a good deal of time, measuring, weighing, and getting all my food ready for the week. While I did this, I thought. I thought about all the people in Australia that actually live like this, I thought about all the people around the world living like this, and it’s a very real problem. Live Below the Line supports East Timor, where almost 40% of the population live under the extreme poverty line, and most of the population are under 26…

I woke up fresh Monday morning, and decided I would do a little bit of a workout – Nothing crazy heavy, or extremely long, just a simple row, some double unders, kettle bell swings, pushups, sit-ups.. Basic… max time was about 45 minutes including warm up and stretching.

Cooking my breakfast was simple, some oats, water, a bit of milk and sugar on top good to go.. And that’s when it all began. I ate my oats, had a big glass of water and prepared for the day.

Little did I know that I would actually start feel very unwell after lunch…

I cooked lunch, (1/2 a chicken drumstick, a bit of potato and some mixed frozen veg) not a great deal. I made sure that I drank heaps of water and that I was well hydrated because I knew I wasn’t going to be eating a lot at dinner either.

By the afternoon I could barely function. I was so tired, so lethargic I thought I could just sleep for days. I put it down to the white potato and oats in one day. While I sometimes eat these foods, they are not something that I eat all the time. I added up what I had eaten so far, and it worked out to be just under 400 calories – Not all that bad, but considering I had worked out in the morning, it probably wasn’t enough.

It was before dinner that I “umm’ed and ahhh’ed” about doing the challenge, my mum didn’t really give me a choice and fed me some dinner. After dinner I felt so much better, and that’s when I decided that I wouldn’t be able to continue with the challenge.

One day was enough to open my eyes to the serious problem that is located around us in this world. I feel bad that I couldn’t complete the challenge, but at the same time I need to make sure I am alert, and ready to go for a day of caring for children, and their well-being is very important to me, so feeling tired and lethargic doesn’t really allow me to care for them properly.

I am currently looking into some volunteer programs, especially ones that deal with the homeless, and while I don’t know how much help I will be able to give in terms of hours, I do know that I can donate food, and money to help organisations to help these people.


I want to thank the people that did donate to the Live Below the Line cause 🙂 It’s very much appreciated…



5 days….

I am about to embark on probably one of my biggest challenges to date.. Living Below the Line – Living on $2 a day, for 5 days (The equivalent to extreme poverty) – If you would like more information head to

Every day there are thousands of people living this way, and to truly get an understanding of what there daily lives are like, you have to live it yourself.

While my family and I have a budget, this budget doesn’t mean that we don’t eat healthy and nutritious food. Each meal is planned, and cooked by me, and we don’t miss out on the good stuff. We probably take this for granted, putting things in the trolley and not really taking notice of the price.

Here is the hardest part… $2 a day, gives you roughly 65c per meal… or less.
The last couple of days I have spent numerous hours reading blogs from people that have done the LBL Challenge in the past, and how they planned their meals, calculated the cost, and how they felt.

In the beginning I wanted to maintain paleo/primal, and to an extent I have, but after have read a lot of different information I will be including rice, potato, and oats into some of my meals.

I spent majority of my free time yesterday calculating meals – I’ve decided keeping it basic is probably the best option (if your interested in seeing what I will be eating, stay tuned as I will be keeping a diary of the days on here)

5 days out and I am starting to question weather this was actually a good idea or not, I am very anxious about it, and weather it is going to be enough food. We shall see..


Stay tuned 🙂

Every little bit counts –


Like the title says, at the moment I am S-T-RUGGLING! There are a few things that I am struggling with..

My eating habits – Of late these have not been the best, and the habits that I spent 12 months breaking have slowly started to creep in. Not eating proper meals, eating lots of refined products…
My exercise – Apart from the CrossFit Opens, I have not really done any kind of exercise…That is 5 weeks of nothing!!!
I also have neglected my blog, Instagram, and Facebook page – Not that this is a bad thing, sometimes time away from social media is good!

I couldn’t seem to pinpoint why my mood towards my food and exercise had taken a sudden shift, so last night I sat down and thought about what had been happening and what had changed in the last few months.

Until recently, I have always trained at a CrossFit box. I came to the decision though that where I was training was having a negative impact on my life. 
Instead of coming home and feeling that good energy throughout the day, enjoying the community and uplifting experience, I found I was coming home and feeling worse – I felt like my results were been constantly judged, and that I was been compared to others, and for me that is not what I wanted CrossFit to be about. This is exactly why I got into CrossFit to start with – Because it was just me against me.
I also had a few differences with one of the coaches, and unfortunately that was what ultimately helped me make the decision into leaving.

After thinking about all this, I realised that I let the negativity get to me, and effect me more then I would ever want it too. The way negativity has an effect on your eating habits, and exercise has been made quite clear to me now…
I spent a good amount of time thinking about what I am going to do, where to from here, and how I can continue to make a positive impact on my health and fitness…

No better way to stick to something then publicly put it out there – So starting today I am going to make better food choices, starting with breakfast – Which was a delicious Strawberry Coconut Smoothie, and 2 scrambled eggs.
I am going to commit to training at least 4 times a week – weather that be going for a walk or doing CrossFit in my garage…

I will get these good habits happening again, and I will continue to live the healthy, positive lifestyle 🙂 

Meal Planning… This Is How I Do It…

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I don’t know how people eat the same thing for days in a row (if you are one of those people, I would love to hear from you about your experience doing things this way). I love food, I enjoy eating food, I love cooking food, I like trying new things, I like going out to eat, I come from a foodie family – My nana helped teach me how to cook, my mum could probably win MasterChef if she wanted too, a couple of my uncles are trained chefs, and one of them is a food critic for the local newspaper… You get the picture…

Losing weight is a lot about food. How you are eating/fuelling your body. This of it like this – You have a brand spankin’ new car, the recommended fuel for this car is PREMIUM – If you put shit fuel in, the car will run shit. This is the same for your body. If you want your body to work the way it should, then eating the right foods will make you feel better.

Finding out what works for you is all about trial and error. Not one way of eating is going to suit every single person on this earth. Now that I am ‘sort of’ in maintenance I am not as strict on myself, but for majority of my meals I eat 100% Paleo. The thing is why brand it Paleo, lets call it ‘my way of eating’ because thats what works for me! For a long time I fuelled my body with highly processed food, lots of pasta, lots of bread, sugar, some more sugar, junk food, and maybe a little more sugar. 

Making the decision to get healthy and fit I knew that I would have to cut things out, try different ways of eating, try eating different things, but I also knew that I was going to be prepared – If you aren’t prepared, be prepared to fail.

Every fortnight my husband and I sit down and plan our fortnight of meals. Yes, I do this with my husband, because quite frankly its good to bounce new ideas for food off him, and well that way he knows exactly what I am cooking, so if he doesn’t like it, he knows what nights he has to fend for himself!

Each meal I cook I make sure that there is enough not only for dinner for myself, my husband and my daughter, but I also make sure that there is enough for lunch for both of us the next day (this saves money – If you have a husband or wife buying lunch every day, add it up over a year… You are looking at roughly $2500 a year) 

Cooking enough at dinner so that there is enough for lunch the next day mean that I am prepared for the next day. Of course there are some nights where dinner isn’t quite enough BUT in this case I always have salad stuff, and usually a chicken breast in the freezer that can easily be thawed, or a can of tuna that I can have. 

So here is my fortnight of DINNERS:

MONDAY Bunless Hamburgers
TUESDAY Paleo Chicken Schnitzel with salad
WEDNESDAY Bangers and Sweet Potato Mash/Steamed Vegetables
THURSDAY Santa Fe Chicken with Cauliflower Rice and Salad
FRIDAY Steak with Salad
SUNDAY Chicken Caccitore with Steamed Vegetables
MONDAY Paleo Beef Strogganoff
TUESDAY Bolongnese with Zoodles
WEDNESDAY Stuffed Chicken Breast with Steamed Vegetables
THURSDAY Beef Stir Fry with Cauliflower Rice
FRIDAY Lettuce Wrap Burritos
SUNDAY Roast Chicken with Roast Vegetables

Most fortnights there isn’t much of a double up. So in 1 month, we rarely eat the same thing. Why? Well because I believe a good variety of different meals mean that you never get bored, and because eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

Tips for making sure you are prepared:

– Have whiteboard or notebook that you can use to write your meal plan on.
– Write a shopping list, and stick to it (this will also help you save money)
– Cook enough at dinner for lunch the next day.
– Where you can, buy in bulk. Meal can be frozen on your grocery day, and then thawed the day that you need it for cooking.
– Have options that you can use for fresh lunches – cans of tuna, salad stuff, hams and chicken breasts.


Day 3 – The Gold’s Experiment


The word RUN is a dirty word to me. I despise running, it is my least favourite thing to do exercise wise. Why? I honestly don’t see the point. My husband on the other hand would run for kilometres – he gets some kind of enjoyment out of it.

It seems though, that Gold’s is having this impression on me. This morning I did a 5km run/walk. I can already see the shocked responses from my CrossFit friends – I am the ultimate whinger when it comes to running!

I made the decision last night that I would run this morning. I need to learn to love it, and be good at it. When my alarm went off this morning I turned it off – good thing I set that second alarm otherwise I would have been sleeping til my husband got up. Second alarm went off – dressed and off to the gym.

I walked in and looked at the line of treadmills – my worst enemy. The best thing about Gold’s is there is so much equipment you don’t have to work out next to someone, and I never thought I would say this, but I am loving working out on my own, listening to my own music. 

I started slow this morning, making sure I got my heart rate going before I hit my stride. 5kms later, I was feeling amazing. Listening to good music definitely helps. I couldn’t believe that I had managed to run/walk that entire time. 

Mollie 1 – Running 0



The Gold’s Experiment… Day 1

Becoming a great personal trainer is my ultimate goal at the moment. To do that, I need to be versatile, I need to be able to do lots of different things so that I can relate to different clients, and peoples need. 

Cue experiment time. 

I get emailed LivingSocial deals everyday, most of them I just delete and get on with it. About a week ago I got an email with a deal to do a months trial at the local Gold’s Gym. While I LOVE CrossFit, I was feeling very out of love with it at the time. I don’t know weather it was the box I was training at, or my mood, or the coaching or what.. I just wasn’t in love, paired with some really gruelling WOD’s I felt like I was always tired, that I wasn’t making any progress. 

So I bought a trial. It was safe to say I was excited to try something new, apart from my tafe gym shifts, I have never been into a ‘normal’ gym (I guess you can’t really count the brief membership at Fernwood, because I didn’t really go). I went into Gold’s on Saturday – Fixed up my membership, met a few of the trainers and the owners, did a class and had a look around. I was really impressed. Everyone was lovely. 

This morning I did my own thing, listening to my own music, and getting shit done. I came home in a completely different mood. I’m just a beginner in this gym space, and it doesn’t even matter. It took my longer then I thought, because I didn’t know where all the equipment was, but I got there eventually. 

Tomorrow morning I am going to be doing a boxing class – Stay tuned 🙂

A Day In The Life of Me…


Since starting CrossFit and eating healthy, I have had my fair share of people who will make comments about these changes. Not so much negative comments, but a lot of comments about how they don’t know how I do it all. It got me thinking, maybe I should dedicate a post to what a day looks like for me.

No better day then today.

04:50am – Alarm 1. Usually when this alarm goes off, I press snooze, because 5 minutes of lying there in the serene quietness of my house is bliss. 

04:55am – Alarm 2. GET UP! Get ready, get out the door and drive to the gym. I am lucky that my gym is a mere 4 minutes down the road so I am never late (usually).

05:00am – CrossFit Session (Please note workouts vary, tomorrow will be different)

Todays workout:

Tabata Warm Up – Jump Squats

                               – Sit Ups

Tabata: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds transition, 8 rounds. Stretch

Strength –

5×5 Tempo Back Squats. 5 seconds down, 5 seconds up. 1 second pause between reps. Concentrate of form.

Conditioning –

14 minute AMRAP

9m Plate Push 15kg

12 pullups

15 Overhead Kettle Bell Swings

30 Double Under

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible.

Stretch and rollout cooldown.


06:30 – Home, Shower, dress. Get breakfast for myself and my 2 year old daughter, Aubree. Dress Aubree.

07:30 – Do any cleaning that needs to be done. This usually consists of picking up toys, making the beds, putting on a load of washing and sometimes some studying.

08:00 – Start work. 5 days a week I care for 3 other children in my own home for 9 hours a day. This involves feeding them, changing nappies, playing games, doing arts and crafts, taking them to the park.

While they sleep between the hours of 12:00pm – 2:00pm I study. Currently I am finishing my Certificate III in Children’s Services, and come the 13th of February I will be back at the Canberra Institute of Technology finishing my Certificate III in Fitness, 2 nights a week.

5:00pm – Finish work. Start cooking dinner, clean up all the days mess – toys, food, take the rubbish out.

6:00pm – Dinner

7:00pm – Finish the cleaning, bath Aubree and get her ready for bed.

8:00pm – Get gym stuff ready. Put Aubree to bed.

9:00pm – Bed.

I am by no means a superwoman. I just try and manage my time well and get as much done in my waking hours as possible.

There is no excuse for me anymore… I give myself that time in the mornings so that I can care for others.

Make sure you make time for yourself – This is the most important thing.