60 Day…

A 60 day challenge. No, that’s not the right word for it. A 60 day reset. Hmm, that could work. 60 days of working on treating my body with a little more respect, and the temple that is it… Yep! That works!

I don’t like the word challenge it suggests a competition. This is by no means a competition. It shouldn’t be a challenge to be healthy, to get moving and be active, so that why is 60 days of respecting my body.

Around this time of year there seems to be a influx of get fit in 8 weeks, lose that belly and be bikini ready by summer post on Facebook, and I tend to see it more now that I am devoting a lot of time to learning about fitness and health. But that’s not why I am doing this 60 days. I don’t care if I will look sexy in a bikini, because quite frankly, I wouldn’t wear a bikini. I’m dedicating this 60 days to getting back into good habits, habits that I seem to have lost over the last 10 months.

Day 1 was yesterday (07 October), and to be honest it went really well.
Breakfast consisted of a small green smoothie – I have to share it with my daughter. She loves them. A coffee and 2 scrambled eggs. This is actually enough to keep me going, surprisingly.

I trained before lunch – That’s the part where I am lucky. I own my own CrossFit gear, and I work at home. So if I don’t manage to get up early in the morning for whatever reason, I can train at lunch.
My workout consisted of:
5 Dead lifts every 2:30minutes, increasing the weight with each set.
3 RFT (Round For Time)
300m Row
15 Hand release push ups
25 Kettle Bell Swings.

Done. Short. Sweet. Simple.

Lunch: I eat leftovers from dinner usually. So yesterday’s lunch consisted of Chicken parmigiana, with a fresh garden salad.

Dinner: Bolognese sauce with steamed zucchini noodles.

I’m going to try and post daily, and keep a journal of what I am up to, what I have eaten what I have done exercise wise. I am hoping to incorporate some different things on days where I’m not doing CrossFit, maybe some swimming and yoga.

Watch this space.. 🙂


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