5 days….

I am about to embark on probably one of my biggest challenges to date.. Living Below the Line – Living on $2 a day, for 5 days (The equivalent to extreme poverty) – If you would like more information head to https://www.livebelowtheline.com.au

Every day there are thousands of people living this way, and to truly get an understanding of what there daily lives are like, you have to live it yourself.

While my family and I have a budget, this budget doesn’t mean that we don’t eat healthy and nutritious food. Each meal is planned, and cooked by me, and we don’t miss out on the good stuff. We probably take this for granted, putting things in the trolley and not really taking notice of the price.

Here is the hardest part… $2 a day, gives you roughly 65c per meal… or less.
The last couple of days I have spent numerous hours reading blogs from people that have done the LBL Challenge in the past, and how they planned their meals, calculated the cost, and how they felt.

In the beginning I wanted to maintain paleo/primal, and to an extent I have, but after have read a lot of different information I will be including rice, potato, and oats into some of my meals.

I spent majority of my free time yesterday calculating meals – I’ve decided keeping it basic is probably the best option (if your interested in seeing what I will be eating, stay tuned as I will be keeping a diary of the days on here)

5 days out and I am starting to question weather this was actually a good idea or not, I am very anxious about it, and weather it is going to be enough food. We shall see..


Stay tuned 🙂

Every little bit counts –



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