Like the title says, at the moment I am S-T-RUGGLING! There are a few things that I am struggling with..

My eating habits – Of late these have not been the best, and the habits that I spent 12 months breaking have slowly started to creep in. Not eating proper meals, eating lots of refined products…
My exercise – Apart from the CrossFit Opens, I have not really done any kind of exercise…That is 5 weeks of nothing!!!
I also have neglected my blog, Instagram, and Facebook page – Not that this is a bad thing, sometimes time away from social media is good!

I couldn’t seem to pinpoint why my mood towards my food and exercise had taken a sudden shift, so last night I sat down and thought about what had been happening and what had changed in the last few months.

Until recently, I have always trained at a CrossFit box. I came to the decision though that where I was training was having a negative impact on my life. 
Instead of coming home and feeling that good energy throughout the day, enjoying the community and uplifting experience, I found I was coming home and feeling worse – I felt like my results were been constantly judged, and that I was been compared to others, and for me that is not what I wanted CrossFit to be about. This is exactly why I got into CrossFit to start with – Because it was just me against me.
I also had a few differences with one of the coaches, and unfortunately that was what ultimately helped me make the decision into leaving.

After thinking about all this, I realised that I let the negativity get to me, and effect me more then I would ever want it too. The way negativity has an effect on your eating habits, and exercise has been made quite clear to me now…
I spent a good amount of time thinking about what I am going to do, where to from here, and how I can continue to make a positive impact on my health and fitness…

No better way to stick to something then publicly put it out there – So starting today I am going to make better food choices, starting with breakfast – Which was a delicious Strawberry Coconut Smoothie, and 2 scrambled eggs.
I am going to commit to training at least 4 times a week – weather that be going for a walk or doing CrossFit in my garage…

I will get these good habits happening again, and I will continue to live the healthy, positive lifestyle 🙂 


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