The Gold’s Experiment… Day 1

Becoming a great personal trainer is my ultimate goal at the moment. To do that, I need to be versatile, I need to be able to do lots of different things so that I can relate to different clients, and peoples need. 

Cue experiment time. 

I get emailed LivingSocial deals everyday, most of them I just delete and get on with it. About a week ago I got an email with a deal to do a months trial at the local Gold’s Gym. While I LOVE CrossFit, I was feeling very out of love with it at the time. I don’t know weather it was the box I was training at, or my mood, or the coaching or what.. I just wasn’t in love, paired with some really gruelling WOD’s I felt like I was always tired, that I wasn’t making any progress. 

So I bought a trial. It was safe to say I was excited to try something new, apart from my tafe gym shifts, I have never been into a ‘normal’ gym (I guess you can’t really count the brief membership at Fernwood, because I didn’t really go). I went into Gold’s on Saturday – Fixed up my membership, met a few of the trainers and the owners, did a class and had a look around. I was really impressed. Everyone was lovely. 

This morning I did my own thing, listening to my own music, and getting shit done. I came home in a completely different mood. I’m just a beginner in this gym space, and it doesn’t even matter. It took my longer then I thought, because I didn’t know where all the equipment was, but I got there eventually. 

Tomorrow morning I am going to be doing a boxing class – Stay tuned 🙂


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