Who Are You Competing With?

I’ve played my fair share of competitive sports – Soccer, indoor soccer, basketball, softball. All of which I enjoyed but I always found that the spirit of it was to beat someone, to make sure that you are the better out of the two teams. As soon as that buzzer, siren, horn sounds there has to be a winner and a loser… And I think that is what drew me to CrossFit – The only person you have to compete with is yourself.

The best thing about CrossFit is the community. The supportiveness rather then the competitiveness. Sure you get those people who want to finish first, they want to bust out more reps/rounds then you, but to me that not what is important.

What’s important is finishing your workout and walking up to (sometimes) a complete stranger, a friend, a fellow CrossFitter and cheering them on through their last reps so that they too can feel that end of WOD glow.

I have experienced this many times. I myself am not a runner. I loathe it. Whenever I see it written on that little whiteboard, I cringe.  My last 400m lap of a grueling 2km run, one of my friends from CrossFit decided that they would run that last lap with me, even though they had already pushed themselves to the limit. It wasn’t a competition between us, merely one person supporting another.

There is nothing quite like receiving the push from someone else that wants to see you succeed.  I guess that’s why I like the idea of been a Personal Trainer. I like to push people and see them succeed.

See… There’s this woman at my CrossFit box. She inspires me. I watch her (not in a creepy way) push herself; get frustrated with herself when she can’t do something. I watch her give it her all. Every. Single. Time.

I’ve worked with her; I’ve pushed her to that breaking point. She makes me realize how much I love this. Watching people change themselves for the better.

One particular workout, I had finished, but there is just something about helping others reach their goals that keeps me going. I stood by her, cheered her on, counted her last reps, and even did those last reps with her.

It was that moment, full of adrenaline, determination and utter awe that makes me remember why I love CrossFit.

Rather then competing with the person standing next to you, push them. Help them finish. This feeling is above and beyond anything you will ever feel from finishing your own WOD, from beating everyone. Don’t compete with the people, who’s names are written next to yours, just worry about how you perform and how you will support the rest of the community when you are done…

That time on the board doesn’t determine the type of person you are, what determines who you are is weather you put someone down for their efforts or weather you stand there with them and help them push through that barrier. 


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