Slipping and Falling Off The Bandwagon…

Everybody at some stage will slip, fall, and have a set back in their journey. It happens, the best thing to do it pick yourself up and jump straight back on. Although sometimes its not that easy… 

I remember the first time I had a cheat meal, I hadn’t eaten any junk food for ages. I honestly was so scared and thought that I would gain all the kilos back that I had lost.

Then I read an article on the Oxygen Magazine website about cheat meals –

Have a read of the article. I would love to know others thoughts on the subject.

What people pull from an article like this is entirely up to the person who reads it. I personally thought it was a great article and decided that I would make some changes to the way I was eating. In the article they talk about someone eating 35 meals a week, eating clean 90% of the time would mean that 3.5 meals would be cheat meals. Simple. I decided to try this.

This was going to change the way I ate completely though. As I had been pretty strict paleo for majority of this time and have not really ventured away from it.

I knew that when I started this cheat meal allowance it would be difficult in the beginning. I was going to have to plan these cheat meals so that I didn’t go too overboard, and I knew that my definition of a cheat meal was going to be different to others.

My Definition: Cheat Meal – A meal consisting of foods that I wouldn’t normally eat. E.g My meal would contain grains, dairy, legumes.

The first couple of weeks were good. I was eating every 10th meal as a cheat meal, usually breakfast. With having my cheat meal at breakfast time, it meant that I didn’t have left over cheat meal to have for lunch, and my lunches and dinners were still 100% paleo and so were my snacks.

Here is where you could say I hit a speed bump… My mind set changed, and I was allowing stuff to creep back in. Chocolate here and there, snacking on cheese and crackers. Then my cheat meals turned into cheat days. And so starts a nasty cycle.

It had become a constant mental battle. I would tell myself, well why shouldn’t I have this piece of chocolate, and I would always come up with an answer as to why I could have it. Or I would tell myself this one piece wont hurt, a packet of tim tams later and my stomach is churning and I feel so tired.

But how and why does it happen… For me it was my mindset, it changed. I told myself that I was happy with the number on the scales, and yes part of me is happy with the number, but another part isn’t.

So how do you find a happy balance? How do you allow yourself to have a treat every now and then, but also stick to your plan and keep losing weight and getting to that goal?

For me the decision means that I have decided to try something else. Instead of 3.5 cheat meals a week, I will have 1 cheat meal a week. I will be eating Paleo 99% of the time, its all about trial and error and finding a happy balance…

Not everyone will be the same, because there are no two people in the world who are the same. You just have to try things and find out what works for you. 


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