Think Of It Like You’re Climbing A Ladder…

You have to take one step at a time… its not like you are going to start at the bottom and automatically get right to the top. Its a long climb, a slow process, and at times it will be harder, and other times it will be easier. 



But no matter how hard it is, everything is achievable as long as you set your mind to it.


When I started CrossFit I had this elusive number in my head of what I wanted to achieve, I wanted to get to a certain weight, and I thought that at that certain weight I would be happy. But here’s the thing, weight loss slows down, sometimes it plateaus and that’s when I found I started to over analyse everything. I made the choice at that point to stop focusing on the number on the scale, yes to a female that number is a big thing. It is the number that a lot of females allow to define themselves. I didn’t want that, so I started planning goals, steps on the ladder that I thought I could work on that would get me closer to that goal weight.

It doesn’t matter how small the goal is that you set, just set something that you know you will be able to achieve… Some of mine were small, some were bigger… Be able to do box jump confidently. String together double unders. Lift heavier. Whatever it was I always tried to make it something that I would be able to achieve. Some goals take longer then others. (I am yet to complete my September goal – Handstands against a wall – I need a crash mat!)

You just have to remember that when the ladder gets harder to climb – It’s one step at a time. Setting small goals to help you achieve those steps is entirely up to you. I wouldn’t let someone tell me what I should be trying to achieve, because ultimately this is my ladder to climb, and my goals to achieve.

So here goes, these are some of my short term, long term, working on it goals…

– Weigh in at 65kg by the end of 2013 – Currently weight is 68.8.

– 10 Legit Push Ups

-10 Strict Pull Ups

– Triple digit Deadlift

-Handstands against a wall

-Be able to string together 5 Toes to Bar

– Pistol Squats

– Finish my Certificate III in Fitness, then start my Cert IV, then CrossFit Lvl 1 Coaching and any other course that is going to make me an awesome Personal Trainer…

It doesn’t matter how large or small they are… Just keep climbing, you will get there.


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