7 Questions…

The other day I found a post on Facebook from one of the numerous CrossFit pages that I follow and it had 7 questions that someone had answered about CrossFit. So I thought I would take those questions and answer them.

1. Why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit to help me achieve my weightless goals. After watching videos on Youtube about a guy named Gary Roberts and how he had had such a huge success with weight loss from CrossFit, I wanted to give it a go.

2. What changes have you seen since you start?

Since starting CrossFit in February my whole life has changed. I have lost a massive amount of weight, I have so much energy, I have found a love for fitness and health and now have the confidence to pursue that. I have seen not only my body change but my mental state change as well, I was extremely unhappy with the way that I looked before I started CrossFit, but now I am slowly learning to love myself.

3. Who/what is your inspiration to keep going back?

There are a few things that keep me going back. The first would probably be myself, my determination to get stronger and fitter. The second would be my family, I want to be able to do things with my family and not be too tired or feel uncomfortable. And thirdly the WODs keep me going back, just so I can push myself that little bit further.

4. What is your favourite WOD?

I love hero wods. I don’t have a specific favourite, I like the difficulty of them and that they are dedicated to fallen heroes. From a young age I have always been respectful of the people that fought to give myself and my family a free country, with age the respect has grown more. With my husband also a part of the military, there is just something about these wods that keeps you going.

5. What is your favourite thing about your CrossFit Box?

Favourite thing about my CrossFit box is having the encouragement from all my coaches to push myself. 

6. What are your long term goals?

I wouldn’t say that I had any long term CrossFit goals, other then to keep getting better. My main goal at the moment is to finish my Fitness and Nutrition course and become an awesome Personal Trainer.

7. What advice would you give someone just starting, or questioning weather to start?

Give it a go. And give it a proper go. Don’t go to just one session, and don’t let scaling movements hold you back.


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