Why I Eat The Way I Eat…

I eat Paleo. It’s pretty simple when it comes down to it.  Meat and fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little starch and NO SUGAR!

There are so many different ‘shades’ of Paleo, and there is no one way of eating that is right for every single person.  It takes trial and error to work out if a certain way is going to work for you. In saying that I was fortunate that paleo worked for me.

I did a lot of reading before I decided weather it was going to be the right way to eat for me.  Seeing words in articles like improve energy levels, sleep quality and attention span were all things that appealed to me.
In the November before I started paleo, I had started a new job, and having low energy levels wasn’t going to cut it in the long run. So when all this popped out at me I thought “hey what the heck! Ill give it a go!”

The hardest part was deciding how I was going to start… Was I going to get rid of the things that weren’t part of this new lifestyle straight away or was I going to gradually phase them out…?

Thinking purely about how I think I would go I made the decision to cut out all the things at once. Cold turkey. Ripping a bandaid off so to speak. The best way that I thought doing this would be to do a Whole 30, (if you are considering doing a whole30 or going Paleo I suggest you check out http://www.whole9life.com, there is a fountain of information, and there are always people on the forum to answer your questions).  I went into my first Whole30, not really knowing a lot about the paleo lifestyle or what it really entailed. I had the basic guidelines and Jenna’s guidance to get me through.

28 December 2012 – Whole30 Day 1… I was on Christmas holidays down at my in-laws house. I was out of my comfort zone, it wasn’t my kitchen, and it wasn’t my house. How do you change the way you eat while you are in someone else’s home? Ill tell you how, you just do. If you want something so badly, nothing will stand in the way of you doing it.  I was so determined to get my whole30 right, I would go out of my way to cook my own food, I would resist all the things that I knew I didn’t ultimately want in my body.

Those first couple of days were HELL! Actually that’s a lie, the first day was easy… It was the following week that was hell. This first week I questioned myself, why had I chosen something that was going to make me feel so tired, so blergh… And then I found this http://www.whole9life.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/.  This time line gave me a rough overview of what it was going to be like during the Whole30. I found it relieving to know that the tiredness wasn’t going to last forever, it was like a hangover and in a couple of days I was going to be feeling great.

When trying to explain to people why I was doing this, I either got intrigued people who wanted to know more, of negativity about why it was bad, but the bad only spurred me on, made me want to prove them wrong…

Whole30 done and dusted I continued on the paleo path, it seemed the best option for myself.  I am now 10 months into this adventure and Paleo is still my main way of eating, yes I have had days where I would rather eat cupcakes and pasta, but I tend to stick with the paleo way of things, because I know that at the end of the day my body responds well to this lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Why I Eat The Way I Eat…

  1. Ah, the Kill All Things stage, I remember that well! How great is the Whole9 resources? I remember having my mind blown so many times reading It Starts With Food. All the motivation you need right there. Discovering what food your body responds to is like taking off a hood over your face you didn’t even know was there – everything changes, you can see yourself and the world in a new and exciting way. Congrats of getting through your Whole30 and sticking with paleo!

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