The Hurdles – My Mindset, Paleo, CrossFit Session One… (Box jumps 1 – Mollie 0)

I had 3 major hurdles when I started this lifestyle change…

The very first was my eating. The food I was putting into my body, we are talking a lot of refined/processed carbs – Breads, Pastas. A lot of refined/processed sugars – Fizzy drink, chocolate, ice-cream. Take away was my biggest problem. Working in a corporate setting I was buying my lunch most days, and sometimes dinner because I was too tired to cook anything.


I did slightly change things though when my husband, Scott, and I were trying to fall pregnant and then I changed my habits again when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during the pregnancy with my daughter.

Neither of these though were drastic changes, and  found that I just went back to my old habits afterwards.


It didn’t take much reading and research to find something that I wanted to try. I was lucky in the sense that my sister, Jenna, was following a Paleo lifestyle, so not only was she able to point me in the right direction to find information, but she was able to answer my copious amounts of questions.


I found that as soon as I had made this decision to become Paleo, it was like an instant weight had been lifted. Making that decision, taking that step was going to be the hardest, but I was determined that I would get it right. From then on (even while I was on Christmas holidays) I chose to eat differently, even starting my first Whole30.


Once I got the hang of how to eat Paleo, it was time to take on the next challenge – CrossFit.


I met with one of the coaches to discuss options, like when I could start my fundamentals (Fundamentals are sessions where you are taught the basic CrossFit movements – These should always be completed before jumping into a normal CrossFit session), what my overall goals were, when I could start normal sessions.


My first fundamental session was squats – After that session, I had to basically teach myself to walk again.  I did all my fundamentals in the month of January, so I was ready to start normal sessions come February.


My very first session was intimidating. I didn’t know anyone, I wasn’t comfortable. I remember doing the 400 metre warm up run and thinking I was going to die!!


That is one of the two things I remember from the session – The other is box jumps! Never in my life had I jumped up onto a box before, let alone doing it weighing almost 100kgs.


I fell. I fell hard. Landing on my back, but that didn’t even hurt. The thing that hurt the most was my pride. I was bruised, and seriously considering giving up… I was embarrassed. Why couldn’t I do these like everybody else, its not like they were that hard…


Fortunately enough I was lucky to have good coaches who talked to me about things that had happened to them when they started CrossFit. The other members in the community talked to me, asked me if I was alright, told we stories of stacks they had had. My coaches made sure I rested the injury, and looked after myself…

But most of all they talked me into coming back…


2 thoughts on “The Hurdles – My Mindset, Paleo, CrossFit Session One… (Box jumps 1 – Mollie 0)

  1. I’ve never tried Crossfit (I’m not entirely sure given my condition the higher impact stuff is going to be the best choice for me), but I remember my first barre class vividly. Shaking like a leaf the whole time, I stopped during the weighted arm set about 10 times and spent the half the time in the glute set chasing the pilates ball across the room instead of holding it behind my knee using only my leg. And the soreness after! Oh wow! I spent the best part of 4 fays actually struggling to do things like lift my arms over shoulder height, or laugh comfortably. But its truly the best feeling to have used your muscles in the way they were intended, however you do that, and feel them actively recovering.

    I love it when people find the exercise thing that lights them up inside like you have with Crossfit – keep it up hon!

  2. Everyone falls down or embarrasses themselves sometime at the gym, but it’s being able to laugh at it and support each other that makes CrossFit (in my opinion) a little different. The community in CrossFit is such a different thing than any other gym/sport that I’ve ever seen, and it’s the people that have gone through the exact same thing you are going through that make CrossFit what it is. So keep getting up, and I’m sure you’ll be dominating workouts soon enough!

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