The Adventure…

I call it an adventure because it’s never ending. Being healthy, fit and strong to is now a way of life, but less then 12 months ago it wasn’t.

People say it takes something major to change your life, an illness, maybe a diagnosis, something someone says to you, something that changes your mindset. And I get this question a lot, “But what made you change Mollie?”

For years I was bullied, called the fat kid. The most hurtful thing was, I wasn’t even fat! I look back at photos from when I was in Primary School and High School and wonder why I listened to all those people. I let the words of people who weren’t important to me drown me, suffocate me, and eventually I believed them.

Life throws different experiences at you, tests your limits, and I know that life has tested me in many ways. Bad things happen, but these things aren’t the soul problem, they aren’t to blame for the unhealthy lifestyle choices that I made. Ultimately, they were my decisions.

But good things happen too. Like falling in love, marrying your love, having a baby. You get so caught up with life that you stop making time for yourself, you become comfortable in your skin, until you become uncomfortable.

And that what I was, well and truly comfortable, for the first time I felt loved by someone other then my family, my amazing husband loved me unconditionally. But I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I didn’t want to be in pictures with my family. I had an amazing husband, a beautiful baby daughter and I would avoid having photos taken at all costs.

It’s said you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired to make a change.. I was sick, tired, overweight and unhappy with myself. I didn’t want my daughter growing up with that image. I want her to grow up with a mum who is in the pictures with her. I want her to grow up with a mum who runs around with her, but mostly I want to show her how to be healthy, strong, fit, and most of all I want to show her how to love herself.

I was over it, over been over-weight, over having no energy, no motivation, no self-love. The turning point, that light bulb moment was just after Christmas 2012, I was out shopping for clothes. Size 20 clothes.

After the shopping trip, I started researching different things. Exercise routines, eating/meal plans, anything weightless related because ultimately that’s what I wanted to do. Lose weight.

The hardest part was reaching out…

To admit that you are over weight, unhealthy, and unhappy with yourself takes a lot of courage, to admit that not only to yourself but to other people takes a huge amount of strength.

I reached out to my (step) sister, Jenna, who had been following a Paleo Diet, and doing CrossFit. Her excitement for me, her encouragement, made me want to keep pushing forward. So I did, I went along to watch a session at the CrossFit box where Jenna had been training for a while. I was amazed, no thats not the right word… I was in awe… All these different people – shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels, all going balls to the wall –

There was this rush, this adrenaline, I couldn’t wait to try it…


7 thoughts on “The Adventure…

  1. This made ME emotional! I can’t even imagine what it would have been like for you writing it all down. Your journey, your adventure, is so inspiring Mollie. Thank you for sharing. xx

  2. You are amazing, inspiring and a tower of strength. Being in that same place as you were just after Christmas you are inspiring and admirable. I hope that it won’t be too long until sharing my weight loss story and thanking you for all of your help xx love you chick xxx

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